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Category: Estate Planning

Romanian-speaking Estate Planning Attorney in California

Romanian-speaking estate planning attorney in California: An important resource for the Romanian-American community California is home to a large and vibrant Romanian-American community, with many residents who speak Romanian as their primary language. Estate planning is an important consideration for anyone, regardless of their background or language, but for those who speak Romanian, it can […]
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Family Business Succession

From the very beginning, entrepreneurs have a plan for their business to succeed. They set goals and develope approaches to accomplish those objectives. Their business has stood the test of time because they anticipated difficulties and resolved them. But if they plan for success does not include how to pass the family business on when […]
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10 Types of Trusts: A Quick Overview

Considering the myriad of trusts available, creating the right estate plan can seem daunting.  However, that is what we, as estate planning attorneys, do every day. We know the laws and will design a plan which addresses your specific situation. Here is a look at the basics of ten common trusts to provide you with […]
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Adding Non-U.S. Citizens in Your Estate Plan

With our society becoming increasingly mobile and international travel becoming more affordable than ever before, families and family-like relationships have steadily grown far more diverse in terms of citizenship. It is no longer uncommon for spouses from different countries to retain citizenship in their native countries. Many couples split their time between the United States […]
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Everyone Needs an Estate Plan

In 2008, Congress recognized the need for the public to understand the importance and benefits of estate planning by passing House Resolution 1499, which designated the third week of October as National Estate Planning Awareness Week. Nevertheless, according to a 2021 survey conducted by, only 33 percent of adults in the United States have […]
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Myths We Tell Ourselves about Estate Planning

Estate planning can be a very difficult process. While it is not brain surgery, making the decision to move forward with an estate plan requires us to face the fact that we will not live forever. This thought stops many people in their tracks. Others talk themselves out of seeing a qualified attorney to create […]
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Questions to Ask When Hiring a Fiduciary

A comprehensive estate plan consists of several documents that accomplish three important things. First, they lay out your wishes for the handling of your money and property during life and at death. Second, they explain your medical wishes if you are no longer able to make them yourself or communicate them to others. Third, they […]
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