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San Francisco, Bay Area, California Contract Attorney

San Francisco, Bay Area, California Contract Attorney

Do you need help drafting, negotiating, and/or managing a California contract? If so, you have come to the right place. Our California licensed contract attorney will help you navigate the uncertain waters of contract law. Agreements come in many forms and sometimes even in a hidden ways (e.g. incorporation by reference, so-called standard Terms & Conditions, battle of forms, etc.), thus it’s always a good idea to have a competent contract attorney watching your back. Warranties, representations, indemnity, limitation of liability, statute of frauds, consequential damages, and many other legal terms might sound daunting to non-lawyers; however, leave the legal work to us so you can focus your attention on what you are best at.  

At AJ Law Firm, our contract attorney offers you the professional advice and great advocacy you need. 

Knowledge in Other Legal Areas

While some believe that contract lawyers are only trained in Contract Law, this is far from reality as the biggest chunk of workload actually originates from other legal areas (e.g. Privacy Law, Employment Law, Business Law, Technology Law, Intellectual Property Law, Cybersecurity, Consumer Protection Law, International Law, etc.). 

At least some general knowledge in all applicable legal areas makes a huge difference during contracts’ drafting and/or negotiation. 

If you are involved in a contract negotiation and don’t have the required legal knowledge or support, don’t be quick to accept other party’s standard agreements and speak to our contract attorney first. Our contract attorney could help you spot the biggest legal issues in a contract and minimize your legal exposure. You can hire us on hourly, flat-fee or subscription basis depending on your needs and budget.  

Contracts Lifecycle Management

Our firm is also experienced in contracts lifecycle management and can keep track of your agreements’ deadlines, key business terms, renewals, amendments, addenda and so on. Let us be your contracts’ managers on regular basis. We can also help your organization with the transition to an automated contracts management system by providing practical guidance at each step of the process. 

We pride ourselves with meticulous contracts attorney who can help you remotely regardless of your location. 

Are you looking for a reliable contract attorney in San Francisco, Bay Area, California? Contact us for a free evaluation!

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