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Fees for Estate Planning Services

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If you are shopping for estate planning services solely based on the lowest price, then we are probably not a good fit for you. When you retain our legal services, we perform a full legal analysis of your case, propose a design plan, consult you on all relevant legal issues and carefully draft your estate plan documents based on your individual circumstances. We dedicate in average 20 hours on each estate plan creation which is a thorough process.
 Our estate planning fees will be different depending on the level of planning selected by you.

All estate plans are prepared personally by AJ Law Firm based on your goals and concerns.

Initial Consultation is free of charge (up to 60 minutes).  All subsequent consultations will be charged at our hourly rate of $400.00/hour.

This page contains the approximate fee range. The exact fee will be given after fully examining your estate plan issues and scope. The reason we have a range, instead of a fixed fee for every client, is because no two estate plans are the same.

Some estate plans require more thought, extensive planning and additional hours, to put together. The actual fixed fee will be quoted after consultation and prospective clients’ completion of preliminary paperwork. The fixed fee is determined by:

  1. Planning Goals (for individual or family). Some individuals and indeed families wish to create a legacy and provide for future generation, while similarly incorporating asset protection for those future generations. The nature and extent of future planning, along with the subjective reasoning involved, will be assessed at consultation.
  2. Business Interests. Many prospective clients have business interests. The type of business interest will determine the extent to which additional planning is necessary. The intentions of our clients will also dictate how such a business interest is handled with relation to future generations, or indeed existing business partners.
  3. Real Property Ownership. The size of our clients’ real property portfolio is assessed upon completion of our preliminary questionnaire.
  4. Estate size. The size of our clients’ estate is assessed upon completion of our preliminary questionnaire. Depending on the worth of our clients’ estate, certain additional planning strategies may need to be employed to ensure all interests are protected.
  5. Family Situation. Our clients’ family situation will be determined following consultation and preliminary paperwork completion. Families where there are minor children involved will need to incorporate different aspects of planning to ensure their minor children are provided for. Blended families may have additional concerns about ensuring all family members are being taken into consideration and will be adequately provided for. No two-family situations are the same. AJ Law Firm utilizes thoughtful and logical planning to ensure peace of mind for all clients.
  6. Minor Child(ren). Any client with a minor child will need to incorporate additional planning to ensure their minor child’s welfare is bring looked after. Such planning includes making provision for custody and indeed the economic welfare of their minor child, so long as they are minors.
  7. Flexibility. Flexibility to accommodate for future foreseeable scenarios, such as anticipated future children (not yet born). The desire for flexibility is assessed at consultation and upon completion of preliminary paperwork.
  8. Advanced Tax Planning. We are not tax attorneys; however, if the client’s assets exceed the tax exemption amounts and/or prospective beneficiaries are not U.S. residents, then more complex tax planning needs to be completed. In such circumstances, with client’s approval pursuant to an additional charge, we will co-counsel with tax attorneys on various options meant to minimize the tax liability.
  9. International Issues. If your trustees and/or beneficiaries are not U.S. residents or if you have assets in other countries, we have to determine how such international issues will impact your U.S. estate plan, and in many instances, we need to recruit the legal assistance of international attorneys to counsel us on these international issues.


PACKAGE PLANS INDIVIDUAL COUPLE (Married or Domestic Partners)
Living Trust Based Plan/Restatement Trust Based Plan


–   Revocable Living Trust

–   Pour Over Will

–   Durable Power of Attorney

–   Advance Health Care Directive

–   HIPAA Authorization Form

–   Guardianship Nomination for Minor Children

–   Trust Transfer Deed (with Accompanying Documents) for One Property

$3,150.00-$6,000.00 $4,500.00-$8000.00
Will Based Plan

–   Will

–   Durable Power of Attorney

–   Advance Health Care Directive

–   Guardianship Nomination for Minor Children

Advance Health Care Directive (Customized) $550.00
Durable Power of Attorney (Customized) $550.00
Guardianship Nomination $550.00
Will (Customized stand-alone document) $1,350.00-$2,550.00
Revocable Living Trust/Trust Restatement (incl. Pour Over Will) $2,750.00-$4,450.00 $3,350.00-$5,450.00
Irrevocable Trust Call for a quote
IRA Inheritance Trust(s) Call for a quote
Special Needs Trust Call for a quote
Charitable Remainder Trust Call for a quote
Wealth Preservation Trust Call for a quote
Title Holding Trust Call for a quote
Review of Existing Estate Planning Documents (If prepared by other counsel) $400.00/hr
Amendment to a Trust $400.00/hr
Trust Transfer Deed for Each Additional Property(ies) $350.00
Preparation of Preliminary Change of Ownership Report for Each Additional Property(ies) (for filing of the Trust Transfer Deed) $100.00
Preparation of Tax Transfer Affidavit for Each Additional Property(ies) (for filing of the Trust Transfer Deed depending on the County) $100.00


* Credit card payments are subject to a 2.75% fee if paid in person (swiped) and 3.5% + 15c if paid remotely.  Fees are imposed by our credit card processors and are not collected by AJ Law Firm. If you would like to avoid these payment processing fees, we recommend making the payment by check or cash.

** Review of estate plans prepared by another attorney is $400.00/hour.