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Family Business Succession

Family Business Succession

From the very beginning, entrepreneurs have a plan for their business to succeed. They set goals and develope approaches to accomplish those objectives. Their business has stood the test of time because they anticipated difficulties and…

Revocable Trust vs. Irrevocable Trust: Which Is Best for You?

A properly funded trust allows you to avoid probate, minimize taxes, provides organization, maintains control, and provides for yourself and your heirs. In its most simple terms, a trust is a book of instructions wherein you…

10 Types of Trusts: A Quick Overview

Considering the myriad of trusts available, creating the right estate plan can seem daunting.  However, that is what we, as estate planning attorneys, do every day. We know the laws and will design a plan which…

Separate, Community or Quasi-Community Property in California?

For a successful estate plan, each client needs to know what property is truly owned by the client. Depending on the character of the property, the client will decide how to dispose of his/share share of…